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Adam Suedel, PT, DPT; co-owner


Adam Suedel, PT, DPT is a doctor of physical therapy with more than 13 years of experience in the field. Throughout his career, he has provided care in many different client settings, but his skill and passion lies in sports rehabilitation and orthopedic care. Adam has an unprecedented level of skill and knowledge regarding muscle function and kinesiology and how it impacts function, performance, and outcomes. He has built his practice to provide expert care including additional training including:



- Dry Needling

- KinesoTaping

- Orthopedic conditions and techniques

In addition to his practice in the field of Physical Therapy, Adam is the owner of Ironworks Gym, where his expertise in physical fitness, weight training, and sports medicine and personal training techniques assist members with ensuring safe and effective training to assist them to reach their goals. Adam has been very involved his entire life with physical fitness, and was a multi-sport athlete, as well as a national level powerlifter as an adult. He has also served as the ND USAPL State Chairman. He truly seeks to practice what he preaches to his clients and continues to regularly train at his gym.

Most recently, Adam has also added in an additional role of co-owner of Suedel Therapeutics and Wellness, which he owns and runs with his wife, Stephanie Suedel, MOTR/L who works as an occupational therapist in the same practice. 

Adam has passion for his family first and foremost, and enjoys watching his children grow and be successful in  their chosen activities and sports endeavors.  He also loves his time at the family lake cabin, playing hockey, hunting and fishing, and watching Sioux Hockey with his wife! 

Stephanie Suedel, MOTR/L; co-owner

Stephanie Suedel, MOTR/L is a pediatric occupational therapist with over 17 years of experience working with children and young adults. Her specialty areas and focus of care include treatment for sensory integration and self-regulation difficulties; feeding difficulties; development of skills for life and learning; and education and support for families to improve the quality of life for their children, and reduce stress on the family unit as a whole. She has built her practice to meet the needs of many types of pediatric clientele and therefore has specialty areas and trainings that include:

- Sequential Oral Sensory Approach to Feeding

- Infant-led Feeding Approach

- Sensory Integration and Regulation

- Reflex Integration Programming

- Visual Processing and Functional Vision

- Learning Difficulties and dyslexia

- Therapeutic Listening

- Astronaut Training

- Integrated Energy Healing, Reiki Master

- Mental Health First Aid Certification

- Infant Massage

- Ear Seeding

Stephanie also works closely with Occupational Therapy programs within several educational institutions to assist in providing educational opportunities for future OT professionals. She guest lectures at UND and at NCTC on a regular basis.

Stephanie is very family-centered, and enjoys cheering on her children and watching them grow in skill and in confidence while moving through their activities and sports endeavors. She is also a dog-mom who hopes to one day be able to provide animal assisted therapy programming with her fuzzy babies. Stephanie is so excited to be working along side her husband, Adam, as they work together to provide excellent care and skilled programming for clients of all ages and stages within the community.


Bella Suedel, Therapy Dog in Training

Bella Jean is the Suedel family's newest fluff baby! She is just a puppy, but has been in training since the day we brought her home. Stephanie had been dreaming of the perfect dog for use as an animal-assisted therapy or certified therapy dog for several years. In COVID summer 2020, the kids and family spent 24/7 with Diesel (our lonely 3 year old German Shepard). We knew that he would not do well alone at home all day as we returned to work and school. So, we began researching for the best breeds and temperament attributes needed to achieve the coveted role of "Certified Therapy Dog". We decided on a Goldendoodle because they are typically very trainable, people-pleasing, and best of all- hypoallergenic! We made some connections and found her and her littermates, and picked her up within the week! Bella has been going to the 117 office, to stores, and visits to family and friends' houses since she was a tiny lil ball of fluff. She gets along very well with other dogs, small children, families, and elderly people. She is working very hard on her Puppy Training and will work to get her full certification as soon as community COVID restrictions are lifted, and she's over 1 year old. Her favorite things are (in this order): PEOPLE of any kind, FOOD of any kind, and TOYS of any kind! She's so excited to grow up and become a big girl work dog and come to visit families at Suedel Therapeutics and Wellness, play, and get snuggles n' loves!

Chassidy Strege, HT2, Reiki Master Practitioner

Chassidy Strege is a beautiful soul who opens her heart and mind to those who are in need. She has passion for learning about all cultures, faiths/non-faiths, and ways of living. Chassidy is currently a Counseling Master’s student at the University of North Dakota, but her diverse background speaks to a multipotentialite identity: she has experience as a skin care and makeup consultant, lay clergy and organization builder, and a student and interfaith activist. For a decade she volunteered as a UND Interfaith Week Planning Committee member and volunteered for events, regularly engaging both majority and minority faiths including: First Nation/Native American, Atheist, Baha'i, Pagan/Wiccan, Hindu, Buddhist, Unitarian Universalist, Muslim, Jewish, and Christian practitioners.

A self-described spirituality nerd, Chassidy has a constant drive toward self-improvement, learning, and growth; with an aspiration to strengthen her skills and do her part to promote social justice. Her academic research interests center around how to continue and advance existing research on the use and effectiveness of applying a client's theistic or non-theistic values, identity, culture, or religion (and associated spiritual technologies) within their therapy process. Chassidy aspires to begin doctoral work in the fall of 2023 after completing the master's program. 

Given her background and experience, Chassidy prioritizes the inclusion of an individual's personal beliefs and preferences into her practice. She is driven by a desire to make people feel important, supported, and at peace. This inspired her to gain certification as a Level 2 Healing Touch practitioner in 2013, a Master Level Reiki practitioner in 2018, and—in partnership with Mimzi—a Therapy Dog Handler in 2019 (see Mimzi's Bio). 


Both Reiki and Healing Touch are heart-centered gentle-touch or no-touch techniques designed to induce relaxation and support healing. Aspects of our modern lives, like chronic stress, often sabotage our health and well-being. When an individual is able to fully relax, the stress response is short-circuited and our body's natural ability to heal and be well is enhanced. 

Mimzi Strege, Certified Therapy Dog

Mimzi was a mangy puppy found on the side of the highway and brought to the Circle of Friends Humane Society in the summer of 2017. When she was approximately 8 weeks old she came to live with Chassidy's family as a foster pup. Within a month she was officially adopted! She has since held the coveted role as Family Dog, nightly Snugglebug, and official Tucker-Inner for her 3 boys! In November 2019, Mimzi and Chassidy became a certified Alliance of Therapy Dogs team and began weekly visitations to local elementary school children. This work was regrettably cut short by the 2020 pandemic. Mimzi is ready to get back to her special duties—she's full of puppy love and eager to meet you!

Marcia Wehe, PT, MPT

Marcia Wehe, PT, MPT has over 30 years of experience in the field of Physical Therapy. She received her Physical Therapy degree from Mayo Clinic and her Masters of Physical Therapy from the University of North Dakota. Marcia’s career has focused on pediatrics. The majority of her time has been spent working as a member of the special education team to assist children with school-related physical, mobility and independence, and gross motor needs.  She has been able to work in several different school systems throughout her career, and has been a valued member of each team she has been in.  Marcia has a passion for children, focusing on their developmental skills, and ensuring functional participation in all activities of their lives. Marcia has specialized in treating pediatric clients of many types, including those with neurological and orthopedic disorders, autism spectrum disorders, sensory processing concerns, and Down’s Syndrome. She has extensive training in behavior strategies, developmental activities, and wheelchair seating. 


Marcia also been involved in treating the geriatric population over the past 30 years.  She has provided Physical Therapy in both Skilled Nursing Facilities and in the client's home.  No matter the setting, independence, participation in life's activities, and quality of life are of the utmost importance to Marcia when providing Physical Therapy.


Marcia is truly a kind-hearted and generous spirit- as is evidenced by her involvement in Medical Mission Ecuador. For the past two years, Marcia has been a part of this mission group, which includes 70 medical professionals who provide orthopedic surgeries, physical, occupational, and speech therapy, orthotics, and wheelchair seating to children in the country of Ecuador. In 2019, over 400 children were seen in 5 days! Marcia’s role in this clinic has been pre-evaluation of children’s needs and wheelchair seating.

Marcia is family-focused and has been married to Brad - a physical therapist himself - since they graduated from PT school. Together they have 3 children: Kelsey an Occupational Therapist, Karlee who is studying Audiology, and Matthew pursuing a degree in Construction Engineering. She has pride and care  for the community of Grand Forks, and has served on many committees and fundraising groups in the Grand Forks region. She enjoys sewing crafting, and reading. Family, lake time, and fishing are also a big part of her life. Marcia looks forward to working with you and your child to create a team focused on achieving the best quality of life for your family today, and in the future.



Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Programming to address client concerns and diagnoses including: 

  • Acute and Chronic Injuries

  • Pre-surgery and Post Surgery Interventions

  • Sports Rehabilitation 

  • Pain Relief

  • Weakness and Decreased Activity Tolerance

  • Decreased Work Abilities

  • Decreased Quality of Life

  • Pediatric Physical Therapy to address gross motor and physical skills, and functional Independence. 

Occupational Therapy 

Occupational Therapy Programming to address the following client concerns and diagnoses:

  • Sensory Processing

  • Self Regulation and Emotional Regulation

  • Feeding and Eating

  • Learning Difficulties

  • Visual Processing Concerns

  • Infant Torticollis

  • Developmental Concerns

  • Neurological Concerns

  • Interpersonal and Social Skill Difficulties

Wellness Services

A variety of Wellness Services are available to assist with mind/body/spirit concerns including:

  • New Baby Check-Ins

  • Sensory Community Site Visits

  • Infant Massage Parent Training

  • Personal Training

  • Healing Touch

  • Reiki

  • Integrated Energy Healing

  • Ear Seeding

  • Infrared Sauna


Payment Options

Suedel Therapeutics and Wellness is a Participating In-Network Provider with the following Health Insurances:
Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota Plans
Commercial Blue Cross Out of State Plans
Commercial Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota Plans
Commercial Sanford Health Insurance Plans
Sanford ND PERS Health Insurance Plans
Medica Health Care Plans
ND Medicaid

Self Pay Options Available for Therapy and for Wellness Services



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